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Hi there, my name is Kief and thank you for visiting my website!


My journey into property investing started some 15 years back when I grew interested in the concept of real estate as a source of wealth accumulation while working in the financial industry.


I’ve bought and sold private, public and commercial properties and have made my share of missteps in the initial years but have since realised that with proper planning, up-to-date knowledge and the right strategy, success in property investments is definitely achievable and need not be dependent on luck.

Many clients have benefitted from my tailor-made solutions as everyone's needs and requirements can be different.


Do let me be the source of information and your guide along this property wealth journey.

Reach out to me anytime and I'll be happy to have a chat.

Thanks again!

"Kief is an agent I can trust. I am impressed by his dedication and commitment to give honest advise and help me with my real estate investment planning. 

I felt very comfortable with Kief advising and assisting me with all the paperwork that was needed due to the trust we have built up over many discussions. Kief also took the initiative to refer a reliable banker and lawyer to me, making the whole process a very smooth sailing one.

I would recommend Kief to my friends and family, and am looking forward to working with him again for my future investments."

Andy, Proud owner of a new launch project

"Kief is a very professional and hard working agent with exemplary work ethics.


Within a short space of time he was able to get my place sold. He understood my requirements very well and managed my expectations, always providing a stellar service with a great demeanor too.


Highly recommended to anyone who is seeking an agent who works for the client and is very trustworthy."

Leo, Seller of a private resale condominium

"Professional, calm and dependable realtor. Really a joy and a privilege to have him represent me during the sale of the unit."

Mr. S.L Tay, Seller of a private resale condominium

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